Hoarding & Fencing

Construction Site Hoarding

At Demcom we can provide professional, high quality hoarding services to meet your specific site requirements. Hoarding helps keep your site safe, private, and assists in maintaining good relations with your neighbours for the duration of the project.


In addition we also provide garden fencing services. We offer a wide variety of fencing types from large gravel boards to small picket fences. High quality fencing is essential for any garden as it creates a private space for you to enjoy your summer BBQ’s in peace, as well as ensuring your children and/or pets have a safe space to play and run around in. Not only that, but good, high quality fencing can have positive impact on the value of your home.


About us

Demcom is a young, innovative demolition business based in Cambridgeshire, working across the East of England. We aim to be as cost effective as possible without compromising safety, which is Demcom’s priority in all projects. Work safely, safely home.



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