Demcom is not just a company solely driven by profit, but we are a company which cares about our local community. We want to help people out. Here are a few ways we support our local community.

Ely Hero Awards

Ely Hero Awards is a local initiative with the aim of recognising those in the Ely community who go above and beyond to help others. When we were presented with the chance to become a sponsor of this amazing local initiative we jumped at the opportunity, as we love showing our support to those who help others locally. Ely Hero Awards also helps raise money for local charities.

Demcom Ely Hero Awards
Demcom Ely City FC

Ely City Football Club Sponsor

Ely City Football Club are our local team and we became their main club sponsor at the start of the 2019/2020 season. We wanted to sponsor Ely City as they play a significant part in bringing the local community together as they are a team that everyone can support.


Demcom is a young, innovative demolition business based in Cambridgeshire, working across the East of England. We aim to be as cost effective as possible without compromising safety, which is Demcom’s priority in all projects. Work safely, safely home.

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